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Blakeney Point has the knowledge, experience, and commitment to serve all our clientele with the professionalism you would expect from a business with the quality of recruiters that we have here.   Operating out of over 14 locations across the UK our expert team will offer you their full attention and guidance so that you can make the most out of our services. Contact us to learn more about the features we offer our clients.


We are well aware that just in the same way all our candidates are individuals, we recognise that our client base also has significant differences - that is why we have a flexible approach.  

We aim to tailor our services to the needs of your organisation, whether this is fee structure, payment terms, depth of service or even communication preferences, we will endeavor to work in partnership with you to deliver a truly class leading service. 


Mutual respect for each other in any partnership is key to any success, we here at Blakeney Point earn that respect from all of our clients and this allows them to have the trust and confidence in us to deliver.


Why not contact us today and see what its like to be put back at the centre of the recruitment process.


an epidemic in modern recruitment

We at Blakeney Point are great believers in modern technology and processes that can add value to our recruitment services. Sadly Technology has become overused by recruitment agencies over the last decade!

An army of keyboard warriors have taken the place of talented and skilled recruiters who are experts in their chosen field.  The advent of mass job boards, Linkedin, Facebook and other market tools allow agencies to target potential candidate those who they believe are right for the job.  However, as we all know, just like a CV, these profiles are not a true representation of the qualities of a candidate.  We like to think that our desire to find the best candidate for the job makes us dig deeper, much deeper.


We have become accustomed to the daily approach by recruiters through our 'inboxes' and as time goes on we only reply to those that we know or trust.   The overload of approaches is finally enabling businesses such as Blakeney Point to come into their own with relationships across the industry.

Our use of technology allows our processes to be transparent and invites you to become more involved.  You can be provided with access to our systems for live information on your businesses recruitment activity.