5 LinkedIn Hacks Your Profile Is Missing

April 21, 2021

For those who are seriously looking to kick start their career: LinkedIn is a must. But there is little point in using the site if your profile isn’t up to scratch! There is so much to be said for using LinkedIn and also having a good online presence… so long as you set your profile up right and learn to maintain it!

Creating a profile isn’t just adding your name and waiting for the jobs to come to you. There are lots of ways you can improve your profile to make sure that you are giving yourself a head start in the job hunt.

Here are 5 top tips that will get more job offers your way:


Completing your profile

Many people leave elements of their profile set up blank. As the first impression to future employers, this can make you look lazy and unbothered! Make sure your entire profile is filed in so that there are no blank spaces that show your profile to be incomplete and awkward. It’s super easy to add in your industry, location, education, current position and key skills (the more, the better!).

 The photo you pick is also very important. You will want to make sure the image you have selected represents your industry, is not misleading and is professional. It can be a good idea to change your photo every couple of years to keep it update – whether that’s age or industry-related!

 Customise your URL

A quick way you can instantly look more professional on your LinkedIn profile is by choosing your own URL. When you first start on the platform, it gives everyone a default URL that has a long string of numbers and letters at the end. This is both messy and forgettable! Instead, customise the URL to include your own name to instantly look more professional.

 Upload written recommendations

LinkedIn is not the place to be shy about your achievements! Use your profile to show off the best recommendations you have. You can ask colleagues and former bosses (so long as you left on good terms) to add a testimonial to your profile. This adds authenticity and personal touch to your profile as well as making sure you stand out from the crowd!

 Build your network 

Did you know every LinkedIn member is allowed to join a maximum of 50 groups? Not everyone takes advantage of this. Dedicate some time to look through the groups available to you to find the ones related to your industry and join as many as you can. It’s good to remember that once you’re a part of the group, you have to be an active member. But don’t fear: being an active member can be as simple as liking a few posts in the group which can be easily done on a morning scroll!

 Make your profile SEO ready

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation. If you’re looking to be noticed on LinkedIn then this is an essential step. SEO’s are a quick and effective way of making sure that when people are searching google for related content, your profile comes up! You can do this by adding the right keywords to your profile or you can contact a friend who knows their SEO’s or you can even use a company.