A Year on from Lockdown

March 23, 2021

Twelve months since PM Boris Johnson told the UK public that they must stay home, the BP team look back at the year. From managing a healthy work to life balance to getting out for nature walks: the Blakeney Point team look back at the last year and its impact on the sector, businesses and individuals.

We are now a year on from the first lockdown – what has been the biggest change in the way you work?

Fiona: Well, we have always been home-based, but since March I've spent a lot more time working from home. The biggest change for me has been not being able to visit clients, which I find really helpful and always like to do. I have been recruiting for businesses when I haven't been on sites and spoken to my contacts via teams or on the phone.

Dan: To be completely honest, not a great deal has changed. As a business, we've been used to working remotely since 2018, and working out of the office as a full team once or twice a week, so working from home was relatively straightforward for us. I would say we are now utilising video calls more than ever - and so are our clients. When it comes to preparing our candidates for interviews, I personally find myself talking about things now such as digital body language, how to best come across on camera and other hints and tips to help candidates (and clients) navigate an online interview!

Betsy: I work a lot more efficiently! I have a set routine which I pretty much work to every day that keeps me motivated and focused. I tend to get up and go for a run or walk before our morning teams call at 9 am so that I feel more energised. This really helps me get into a good positive mindset to complete any goals set for that day.

Have you found your work to life balance has changed since the pandemic?

Richard: 40% of our clients and candidates now are operating from home, they are spending less time away from home and consequently, their work to life balance has directly impacted on our way of working. We get far less late-night calls than we previously have. Unfortunately, that means more time for me to try and work off the lockdown pounds!

Chloe: Yes, not having to rush around to get 'office ready' means more time for dog walks in the morning and less rushing around before the school run!

Dan: I tend to find it difficult to switch off from work and working through the initial lockdown at home full time was tough, so I found myself trying to completely switch off over the weekend as it started to feel like I was living from work as opposed to working from home! I think I am finding it easier now to switch off when I can, which is certainly helping the work to life balance.

What hobbies/skills did you learn over lockdown?

Richard: I feel that I have really begun to appreciate where I live. Plenty of walks and runs in my immediate vicinity allow you the time to notice things that I have been taking for granted for many years.

Fiona: I grew lots of my own vegetables last year, I thought it would be a really positive distraction from not being able to go places, which was really grounding and quite good fun, although I did end up with nearly 18 courgette plants, which I had to distribute to neighbours!

Betsy: Since the bars have been closed I have learnt how to make a seriously mean Margarita... that's classed as a skill, right?

What is your favourite thing about working for Blakeney Point?

Fiona: The people here, we are all passionate about our jobs and pick each other up if we are having a bad day. Working with new clients is something I love, as I enjoy learning about new businesses.

Chloe: Having the opportunity, autonomy and trust to set up BP Drinks but also the support of a fab team around me.

Betsy: My team of course! Since I started last year I feel I been given some amazing support from my team which has really pushed me to want to do well.

What excites you most about the future of recruitment?

Chloe: Recruitment is ever-evolving alongside all the weird and wonderful advances in technology - a lot of which have enabled us to keep doing our jobs throughout the pandemic. I am, however, excited to keep the personal element to recruitment. People are at the core of what we do and ensuring that doesn't get lost amidst all the great tools we have from a technological perspective is super important!

Dan: I believe recruitment will become more and more important for hiring organisations than ever. The recruitment industry can get a bad name at times but I believe the respect for the good, specialist recruitment firms will continue to increase which is why I'm excited to be part of a genuine, specialist firm like Blakeney Point.

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