Joanne Fitgerald

Joanne Fitgerald

Candidate Manager

Hailing from the capital city, Jo brings a vibrant personality and genuine enthusiasm for the Operations Industry. As a Candidate Manager, Jo offers invaluable support to job seekers.


Joanne Fitzgerald is a fresh face in the world of recruitment, having immersed herself in this dynamic field for just over a year. Hailing from the capital city, Jo brings with her a vibrant personality and a genuine enthusiasm for the operations Industry. Her journey in the realm of talent acquisition has been driven by a determination to connect the right people with the right opportunities.

Known to her closest friends as a laid-back, caring, and trustworthy individual, Jo embodies these qualities both in her personal and professional life. Her journey has been guided by a commitment to these values, making her a perfect fit for her current role as a Candidate Manager, where she provides invaluable support to job seekers navigating the candidate process. Her first-ever job as a sports coach taught her valuable skills that still shape her career today.

In her leisure time, Jo finds joy in life's simple pleasures, whether it's watching football (even as a Chelsea supporter) or spending quality moments with her family in London.