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Preparing for an Interview Presentation

The higher the role you are applying for, the more likely you will be asked to give a presentation as part of the interview process.


How to make your home office space work

We are finding that a lot of people searching for new career paths at the moment are in need of an at-home office space conducive to productivity as well as interviews.


VE Day and me

I think we can all recognise that VE day is less of a celebration and more of a reflection of the sacrifices that our families have made to ensure the lives we live today are free. We are living in unprecedented times. For many of us, we are living through the toughest period in our lives to date...


Stress Reduction

It is no secret that we all experience stress, and indeed, in the current climate we are dealing with a considerable set of unknowns, we have pressures of work, possibly being furloughed or facing redundancy.


COVID-19 Update

Over the past few weeks, we have seen an incredible effort by people in the food industry not only support the increase their manufacturing output but massively shift their business model to deal with the current Covid-19 pandemic.


Tips on how to work productively from home

Working from home can be great, but it can also come with its fair share of distractions and obstacles. Read on to see what tips we recommend for a positive working from home experience.


Career Advice for Graduates

Recently graduated and looking to get into the food and drink manufacturing industry? Read on to see how we can help you narrow your search and find the career that’s right for you.