About us

The story behind our agency

Headed up by Richard Lammie, who has 25 years experience in the Food & Drink industry. Blakeney Point's team of business managers and consultants are based across the UK and have been employed as the best at what they do rather than those who are geographically relevant.

What drives us


Earnt through delivering excellent service and value, and won by following through on our promises.


By being genuine about who we are and what we can achieve in our markets we've established real relationships over time.


Dealing with people ethically and respectfully and communicating with honesty and openness.


We tailor our service around you. Every client and candidate is different and requires understanding and a unique approach.

100's of placements
Each Year
Who we are

Focus on results

The relationships with our clients is based on trust and performance, being realistic and honest with our clients and their expectations whilst following through on our promises.

World class service

We provide a world class  service for our clients on a national, regional and global basis. We support their businesses to find the best candidates with a fast, thorough but ultimately simple process.

Our process



Taking the time to understand your goals and requirements.



Tapping into our network and matching you with the right client/candidate.



We'll arrange all of the details to bring you together with the right client / candidate.

Our values

Our passion

We are passionate and thrive where we can make a significant contribution. We settle for nothing other than excellence. We operate with loyalty, authenticity, integrity and we have the courage to continue to learn and grow with our clients and candidates.

Our vision

Our staff

We empower our employees by giving them the autonomy to operate successfully and shape their own future. We believe firmly in providing the necessary training and support they may need to help them achieve their individual as well as our collective goals. Overall we are an integrated, internally collaborative team; our success is a team effort.