Richard Lammie

Richard Lammie

Managing Director

A recruitment innovator with 15+ years of experience, Richard founded Blakeney Point Search and Selection, redefining traditional practices for a more customer-focused and flexible approach.


With a strong foundation in Food Technology and microbiology from his university days, Richard Lammie has seamlessly translated his knowledge into a successful career in recruitment, amassing over 15 years of experience at the highest levels of the industry.

Throughout his journey, Richard has nurtured and mentored numerous respected recruiters, many who have gone on to have successful careers outside of recruitment. Others have joined him here at Blakeney Point Search and Selection which sets out an innovative change from a traditional recruitment business.

At Blakeney Point, people are given the space and freedom to develop their skills unburdened by the usual constraints in the recruitment industry. While upholding the core principle of placing the customer at the centre of everything we do, Richard has empowered his team to work in a more adaptable and contemporary manner, in tune with the demands of modern life.

Blakeney Point is the culmination of Richard's people management skills and recruitment knowledge - a powerful combination and he continues to enjoy the reaction in the marketplace to his disruptive thinking and challenging the recruitment norms. As Blakeney Point celebrates six years of innovation and growth, Richard remains dedicated to reshaping the industry for the better.