5 Top Podcasts Every Job Seeker in the UK Food Industry Should Listen to

From interviews with top chefs to exploring the science and history of food, these podcasts offer industry knowledge, success stories, and expert advice. Enhance your understanding and stand out in your job search.

Lucy Walsh
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Searching for a job can sometimes feel like a challenging task, but fortunately, we live in era where podcasts offer a wealth of information and offer a glimpse inside to different industries.

Listening to podcasts tailored to your industry can provide valuable insights, expert advice and real-life experiences that can help you navigate the competitive job market more effectively!

In this blog post, we will explore five top podcasts every job seeker in the UK food industry should tune in to for valuable guidance and inspiration.

"The Delicious. Podcast"

A treasure trove of interviews with top chefs and discussions with key figures in the UK Food Industry, ‘The Delicious. Podcast’ is produced by Gilly Smith. From farmers and chefs to food writers and entrepreneurs, Gilly delves into their career journeys, insights and challengers.

This podcast not only offers an abundance of industry knowledge but also inspired listeners with success stories and valuable advice on carving a path in the food industry.


For job seekers interested in the science and history of food, "Gastropod" is a must-listen podcast. Co-hosted by Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley, this engaging podcast explores the hidden history and surprising science behind all types of different food or farming-related topics.

With episodes covering a wide range of topics, such as the origin of certain ingredients, the science behind cooking techniques, and the future of food, "Gastropod" offers valuable insights that can broaden your knowledge and make you a more informed candidate in the food industry.

"The Food Programme"

Radio 4’s ‘The Food Programme’ podcast is a highly respected and long-running series that explores the various aspects of the Food Industry, culture and history. Hosted by renowned food writer and presenter, Shelia Dillon, the episodes cover a wide range of topics; including sustainability, food policy and cultural influences on cuisine. The show features interviews with experts, chefs, farmers, and food producers, offering in-depth insights and thought-provoking discussions into the UK food industry.

By staying informed about the broader issues impacting the food industry, you can showcase your knowledge and adaptability during interviews, making yourself a more appealing candidate to potential employers.

“The FoodTalk Show”

This popular podcast is dedicated to exploring the latest trends, innovations and developments in the Food Industry. Founded and hosted by Susie Warran-Smith, alongside industry experts and self-proclaimed food fanatics AJ Sharp and Jane Peyton, the podcast episodes feature interviews with influential figures, entrepreneurs and chefs.

‘The FoodTalk Show’ offers listeners opportunities to stay informed about the evolving landscape, gain inspiration and learn from the experiences of key players in the field.

“The Olive Magazine Podcast”

‘The Olive Magazine Podcast’ is a must-listen for individuals seeking a job in the UK Food Industry, particularly those with an interest in food development. This podcast extends the magazine-style content by featuring lively discussions, interviews with top chefs, cookbook authors and food experts.

It offers a deep dive into the culinary world, showcasing different cuisines, trends, and insights from professionals. By tuning in, jobseekers can expand their knowledge, gain inspiration, and keep abreast of the latest developments in the industry, making them more informed and competitive candidates.


As a job seeker in the UK food industry, leveraging the power of podcasts can be a game-changer in your career journey. The five podcasts mentioned above provide valuable insights, expert advice, and inspiration from industry leaders.

By tuning in to these podcasts, you can enhance your understanding of the industry, stay up-to-date with emerging trends, and gain the confidence and knowledge necessary to stand out during your job search.

So grab your headphones, and tuck in!