Why you need to think about your personal branding

Personal Branding is more than just a buzzword. Here are the reasons why you need to be thinking about your personal brand.

Lucy Walsh
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When applying for new jobs, do not underestimate their importance of your social profile. It is a crucial step to caring for your online presence and ultimately your professional success.

It is understood by most these days that when you apply for a job, the hiring manager will Google you. Personal branding is understanding this and taking control of what the manager will find.

A personal brand is a combination of skills and experiences that make you – it is separate from your company. You have to think about the things you would like to be known for and create your reputation from there.


The simple steps you can take to improve your personal brand


‍Make your social profiles private

After all the time and effort you put into looking professional and respectable on your Linkedin account, don’t let a quick Facebook search let that image fall apart.

Imagine taking a physical photo album with you to your interview – think about which images you would happily share with the hiring manager and which you’d wish you had left at home.

By making sure your personal accounts are set to private you can be safe in the knowledge that only the people you want can look at the drunk photos your mate has tagged you in.

Choosing the right Linkedin picture

When thinking about your personal brand, you have to make sure your Linkedin is up to scratch. The picture you choose on Linkedin is often the place many people will gather their first impression of you.

It is best to pick an image of yourself that clearly shows your face as well as reflects who you are professionally.

Keeping your Linkedin up to date

It sounds simple: but make sure all your facts, dates and credentials are the same on your Linkedin profile as they are on your CV. This can save a few awkward questions from a hiring manager when they are trying toget their facts straight about you.

A personal brand should be polished, slick but ultimately simple. You do not want any confusion about who you are as a person.

Gather your recommendations

Providing social proof of your skillset can push you ahead of other candidates during the recruitment process. Asking clients and previous colleagues to fill out the endorsements and testimonial section of your Linkedin profile is another tick in the box towards a brilliant personal brand,

Don’t be scared of posting related content

Although it sounds like the best way to create your personal brand is to keep a tight lid on posting on social media, this isn’t necessarily the case. Posting content related to your industry, or sharing articles that are, is a great way to show potential employers you are enthusiastic and engaged with your industry.

Just make sure you avoid posting anything controversial or divisive as this can raise some red flags in an interview process.